Top 5 Netflix Docos you have to Watch this Week:

I took a break from my usual 24/7 crime dramas and went on quite the doco binge last week. Here are the ones that made me feel some real shit, that I reckon you guys will also fall in love with: 

American Murder – The family Next Door

Seriously what the actual fuck… This whole story had me baffled right from the beginning. The deceit and the complete betrayal from father to his young family will shock you to the core. I remember hearing about this story back in 2018 on the news and *SPOILER ALERT* (if you’ve been living under a rock), he kills his whole family with his bare hands. This doco was really great showing the chronological order of events and the aftermath where Chris Watts lies through his teeth to the authorities. Watch tonight, but have tissues at the ready.

David Attenborough – A life on our planet 

This man can do no wrong in my eyes and i’m not gonna lie he did kinda made me feel a bit shit about myself… but that’s okay i know it’s all for a good cause. This documentary like all of his others, focuses on the world and nature that surrounds us. Different to his others as this one takes a firm global warming view, and how us humans have essentially fucked up the planet. But not to worry, David said it’s not too late!! All in all, it has really stunning videography/storytelling and honestly I’ve already gone out and bought a keep cup, plus added to my flat by buying a proper recycling bin.

Ugly Delicious 

It’s a sick watch for all the foodies out there. David Chang is a world renowned chef from the US and this series celebrates all the foods this world has to offer. For example, how the simple pizza has traveled around the globe with each country putting their own spin on a simple pie. I was salivating from the get go! So make sure you’re at least cooking your dinner before you start this binge worthy food doco series, if not you’ll so be ravenous Uber eats will be knocking at your for the 4th time already this week. 

Jim & Andy

It’s safe to say Jim Carey is a serious oddball but easily one of the best actors of his generation. This documentary shows the behind the scenes making of the film “Man on the Moon” (1991). To say Jim got stuck into his character is an understatement, it was so much fun to watch all the antics he got up too. Made me realise how actors completely transform themselves for a role and you really begin to understand the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into it. Have a watch if you love him or just love movie making in general. 

The Tiger King – Murder, Mayhem and Madness

I know I’m real late to the party but I had to include this mayhem on this list! One of Netflix’s most viewed docs EVER, is this tale of bat-shit crazy people living in America who have private Tiger Zoos that all compete amongst each other. Half of you is like, “wait a minute… is this real”? And the other half of you is like “yeah fuck Carol Baskin”!! You weirdly get behind all the characters and the chaos so if you want nothing but a bender of passive entertainment, this is the one for you. 

If you didn’t have any plans this weekend, hopefully I’ve just given you some and if you don’t like any of my suggestions then screw you. Have an awesome week everyone!

Charlie 🤘🏼