Top 5: Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas

With 15 sleeps until Christmas we’ve got your back for the best last minute present ideas for the rellies:

Mullet Care
Let’s be fair, we’ve all got that weird uncle, that hipster cousin or brother that’s decided a mullet would be sick for the 2020 summer season. This shit keeps it all in-tact all day long and definitely brings attraction from the ladies. 
Link to Buy Here: Click Here

Ugly Xmas jumpers 
All the best family photos have the ugliest Christmas jumpers and it’s for good reason. The weatherman says it could be a hot one this year but slap on the aircon and get amongst the horrible outfits.

Boxing/Hangover Day Survival Kit 
Lets be honest you’re going to get loose this Christmas day and we’ve found the blokes hangover survival kit to get you looking human again before you meet grandma on Boxing Day. Things we would add to the mix: Clear eyes and a bag of your favourite substance to get you through the day.
Link to buy here: Click Here or Click Here

Learn How-To Strip/Lap Dance Classes 

Yep this is the gift for all the sex pests out there. These classes are great for for you to embarrass yourself in a room full of people and move your hips around until your lower back is in pieces.
Link to buy here: https://www.stripxpertease.com/dance

A plane Ticket to Literally Fucking Anywhere.
We’ve been shackled in our homes for the past 9 months, get us the fuck on holiday! 

Stay sexy everyone and have a blast this holiday season xx 

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