Top 3 Bakery’s on the GC:

Main Beach Bakery

Picture this… it’s Sunday night fisherman’s wharf 2006.

The good shirt I bought has sweat stains under the arms after listening to another above average set by the accidents. After trying many different advances (none of them worked obvs), I decided to hoof it home alone to Surfers Paradise because the taxi lines were as long as the GC coastline. 

Tedder Ave on a Sunday at 2am is not usually known for its nightlife, but in the distance there is a shimmering glow. The glow of a sign… “Main Beach Bakery” dragged me in like a vortex. 

Although I would normally order a chunky steak pie,  tonight I opted for a exotic steak and pea. This would be a decision that would stay with me for the rest of my life and for all the right reasons. It was hands down, the best pie I have ever tasted. Just the thought of it is making my mouth water. Gone are the days of boring meat and gravy. Hello the underrated garden pea. 

In a flash of coincidence a taxi pulled up as the driver answered a phone call. Can you believe it, a pie that changed my life and ride home in a matter of seconds. Maybe not getting laid was worth it after all.

Miami Hot Bread

That shit is crash hot right now but be warned you go there for a humble pie and be persuaded by the aromatics of vietnamese meats and chilli oils. 

When those midday munchies set in, you stop all work, get on your bike and zoom around the coroner with your mind set on only one thing (not your safety cause you’re wearing no helmet) but the Banh Mi that’s about to fill up your big old tum. Be prepared to wait because everyones started to realise how good this place is and it’s not my lil secret no more.

Fosters Bakery

I remember my first time… at Fosters that is. 

Still hanging cooked from the night before, I put on a pair of swimmers and get dragged to the bakery down the street. That chicken and veggie pie resurrected me from the dead. I know it’s been there forever but it’s so fucking good. 

Hope you scoff some pastries this weekend you legends! 

Charlie and Nicka 💖✨😝