Our Top 5 tips for Studio Shooting

So as you’re all aware (because of my annoying posts every week) we have a beautiful studio that you can hire out by the hour. Our space is bare and simple, great for those of you just starting out and for those of you who are more experienced and want to create a space that’s all your artistic vision.

As i’m here every day and help every single photographer with their lighting set up ect. I thought i’d put together my top 5 tips for shooting in a studio:

Tip 1: Be fucking prepared
Please for the love of god do not wander in with your client on the dot of your start time and look around like a dear in the headlights. We’re open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm so come check the space out, get a feel for it and what equipment/props you might need to fill it.

Tip 2: Think about your lighting style
On the back of being prepared, you need to do some research and figure out what kind of lighting you might need (we have some basics you can hire too). It all depends if your shooting a person, an item of clothing or even just an object for an e-commerce website. The quality of your photos will massively depend on how you light your scene and if it’s shit, you can tell a mile off. Do you want it moody and mysterious or are you wanting crisp, clean and an evenly lit background?

Tip 3: Meet or call your talent before they arrive
There’s always such a big difference when a photographer or videographer is comfortable with their talent on the day. The direction from you, and poses from them come naturally. There’s a fun atmosphere for everyone involved!

Tip 4: Know your camera/gear and their settings
Save yourself precious time and on the spot googling in front of your clients, by praciting and knowing your gear before you arrive. Inside camera settings are so different to outside and when using multiple lights it changes all over again.

Tip 5: Tell us what you’re shooting and what you need!
If you need that fresh white cyclorama or that backdrop set up, let us know and we can make sure it’s good to go for your arrival. If you don’t know how to do something, just ask! and if you want a second opinion or something changing in the set up, there’s always someone here to help you out.

Our bare studio price is only $49 per hour with half day and full day specials. Lighting equipment hire starts at $25 per hour and choice of one back drop is free.

Cant wait to have you and your next shoot here in the future,

Charlie xox

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