72 Panel Van

When Macauley Sanders Dad and brother spotted the old shell of this 72 HQ sitting in a paddock in country Victoria they knew they found the perfect wedding present for there Boy!

The beautifully restored windowless whip rocked up to Hotel Miami for her picture looking absolutely stunning and you can hear the fucking thing from 2 blocks away! “it’s a bit of a slug, but it sounds good!” Sanders cheekily whispers while im shooting his babe.

The “purr-pull’ machine has already done some epic overnight trips with the newly weds testing out the suspension after dark in car parks all down the coast to byron and Caba.

When Macauley isn’t woo-ING the missus in the whip he’s a tinnie slinger for the legends at Young Henry’s beers so keep and eye out for him on the GC and beg him for a free slab.