How to Upload a photo to Instagram: A Step by Step Guide

This one is for all the Oldies with an iPhone out there…

Step One: Put your glasses on, you can’t see anything

Step Two: Open your phone by clicking the circle button with your finger print or putting in your password. (If you have forgotten your password, stop right here you need to use your landline or smoke signals to call your son/daughter because you ain’t going nowhere buddy)

Step Three: Open the instagram app and click the little plus symbol at the top

Step Four: If you want to upload a photo that you took a few days, weeks or months ago, you need to click the photo you want to upload. If you want to take a photo right there and then, you click the camera and take a a pic of ya loved ones

Step Five: It’s edit time. Super easy, just click on the different effect choices and change the colour/lighting of your photo

Step Six:  Write a witty caption… Tag your friends… Add your location 

Step Seven: Click “share” on top right corner.

YOU DID IT – Well done 😉 Let’s see if you can remember it all for next time.

Video tutorial on our Instagram – Go there right now!!💕

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