Byron’s Back On For Buying

Gold Coast’s most southern suburb, Byron Bay, can now travel to Pacific Fair.

With travel restrictions being eased across the country in all major cities across Australia, Hotel Miami can reveal that the Gold Coast’s most southern Suburb, Byron Bay is a ghost town with record numbers leaving the influential seaside bubble in search of retail therapy at Pacific Fair shopping centre.

Topshop barista Penelope Raindrop was one of the first to point her car northward.

“Pac fair is the closest thing we have to the Junction up here and I need to load up on Aesop and Mecca before Efron gets back to town.”

Many other residents accustomed to the Bali fly-in-fly-out lifestyle have also been affected, limited numbers of linen sheets, flowing maxi dresses and swimwear being shipped back to the region, leaving only the lucky few influencers to prance the Wategoes shoreline in 2020 looks.

“I’ve worn this bucket hat for the whole winter season and honestly, i need to move onto a new look sooner rather than later or I’m fucked” said Jeremy, 39 of Suffolk Park.

Expect our southern neighbours to be stopping by your local coffee shop on their way home but only for as long as it takes for the matcha to brew.

“The north end of the Goldy is fucked aye, no culture and all fake tits no?, not like the Bay” Fernanda, 26 Brazil said.

Stay tuned for more updates on the retail sectors road to recovery here.