Bleach Festival has officially started on the GC today, and damn we’re excited! Here are 5 free festivities we’re keen for over the next ten days: 


It’s the afternoon vibe we’ve all been longing for. This beach club event is running everyday of the festival from midday to 9pm along the front of beautiful Burleigh Beach. This chilled out atmosphere welcomes everyone to watch the sunset and listen to the best beats from local DJs. 

(Date: November 12th to 22nd – Time: Midday to 9pm – Cost: Free)


Skyweave is a story collaborated by a wonderful group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women inspired by ancient luminary navigators through place and times of history. It’s promised to be a stunning visionary tale, enjoyed by all ages. This event takes place between 7am to 9pm at the lovely Justins Park – The Esplanade, get you and the family there asap! 

(Date: November 12th to 22nd – Time: 7am to 9pm – Cost: Free)


Located by the Bleach caravan in Justins Park, Uncle Mark Cora tells us all stories and explains what it was like growing up on the Gold Coast, specifically on the tribal estate of the Minjungbal people. We can’t wait to hear what he has to say at 4pm everyday of the festival. 

(Date: November 12th to 22nd – Time: 4pm – Cost: Free)


Yep that’s right a PARTY you can book in for a solid 5 hours of musical talent. On Sunday 15th of November, from 3pm onwards there are 5 amazing artists to really get amongst: Jesswar, Siala, Wildheart, Robbie Miller, Kinship Collective and Kelsey Iris. Fuck we’re keen to party again!!

(Date: November 15th – Time 3pm – Cost: Free) 


Are looking to be hands on learning experience for all of the family to enjoy. Aborigonal artist Rick Roser will host the first weekend of workshops and the ladies from Skyweave doing the second. 

(Date: November 14th, 15th, 21st & 22nd – Time: 9am, 10am $11am each day Cost: Free)


To finish off the beautiful 10 day event we get the privilege to watch and enjoy Luther Cora and his family perform and share their Indigenous culture and knowledge. There’s no better way to finish the week and watch the sunset with friends and family. 

(Date: November 22nd – Time 6pm – Cost: Free)

For all times and events follow the link to the Festival’s calendar: https://bleachfestival.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Bleach-Festival-Program-Guide-2020_Calendar.pdf

Can’t wait to see all you locals there!

** All picture credits to the amazing photographer: Maleika Halpin **

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